Hill Jiang, CEO

International Architect & Structural Engineer

Hill Jiang

Working across Asia and north America for three decades, Hill has been dedicated to improving means, methods and processes for the successful realization of forward-thinking and environmentally conscious projects.  After graduating from the Department of Architectural Engineering at Tongji University, he has been working with technology such as combined solar electric/thermal systems, building envelope optimization through material science, wind generation, 3D printing for construction efficiency, rainwater recycling, EV charging systems, and ‘smart home’ systems.  He has taken this broad experience in the renewable energy field, and combined his BIPV technology with business acumen gained at several international architectural firms, in order to focus on creating and sustaining value for investors interested in this sector.  Every project he designs and constructs comes with the research and experience of a team of experts who are dedicated to solving the unique challenges at hand.

Franzi Tschurtschenthaler, P.Eng.

Solar Engineer

Franzi Tschurtschenthaler

As a professionally designated Integrated Engineer (Electrical & Mechanical specialization) with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of British Columbia, Franzi has 16 years  of experience in a broad range of topics in the solar PV industry.  These include laboratory R&D, system design & construction, panel manufacturing, power electronics, and new product development.  As the lead solar engineer for many high-level cutting edge projects, as well as typical commercial  installations, throughout Canada, USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea, and South America, he has the gained the unique ability to focus on discerning the value associated with any particular type of solar innovation or venture.  At CRE Greens he is contributing to a creative and dedicated R&D department using practical knowledge of field work and novel problem solving skills.