Install System Solar Panels for Sets A and C, Install Top Covers and BIPV Panels for Set C

In fact the job was done on July 22, 2018 but only to have time to post about it today. See the following pictures and captions for the whole procedure…

First we installed system solar panels for both sets A and C – two panels for each set to power the running of air handling box’s fan and control unit and one for set C to power a DC pump:

System solar panels for set A: two for running the system and one to power DC pump

System solar panels for set C: two for running the system

Then we covered the top air collection channels with steel – roof ridge was adjusted so rain waters can flow easily:

Top covers for set C

Lastly we installed the PVC supporting strips and BIPV panels for set C:

Install PVC supporting pieces
Install heat insulating foam boards
Install BIPV panels plus top and side sealing strips and sheets

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