Solar Green Energy Saving Reno Day 144 at 727 Cassiar Crescent Demo House

Quite a few things have been installed and finished up to this day. Here is a quick summary…

(1) Display of OM handling box, heat collector and BIPV panel built (the last photo shows the final look after installing a cover made of Baosteel sheet):

(2) Running of vertical pipes for both set A and set C OM solar systems from attic to the basement heat storage area finished. Here are two photos taken:

(3) Assembly of handling boxes for both set A and set C in attic finished along with most of the 12″ pipe connections (inlet pipe will be connected last after installing heat collectors on roof):

(4) Turbine ventilators fitted for both set A and set C air vents for better summer time operations (solar heated hot air needs to be vented out right after air-to-water heat exchange for hot water production):

(5) Lowering of joists in basement to create a craw-space for solar heat storage with sealed boundaries by foam spraying:

Next we are going to install 14 solar heat collectors on the south facing roof (one row of 7 big ones plus another row of 7 small ones) and 9 heat collectors (one row) plus 27 BIPV panels (3 rows of 9) on the east facing roof!

Front view of this solar heat demo house
727 cassiar cres
Back view from ground – UBC living lab entrance
Overall layout for the entire conversion
Cross section showing the heat storage area

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