Construction Site Signs Up for Both the Front and the Back of 727 Cassiar Crescent Solar Reno

Thanks to Tim and Frank at Stacy Screen Print, we had our reno construction site sign made for visitors coming to our OM Solar demo house at 727 Cassiar Crescent. Here is the design before print:

And here is one of the two signs after print and being brought back to the house:

Then we first installed one site sign at the back of the house last weekend. We found a concrete wall that is perfect to anchor two 4×4 posts to. See a picture and video below for this job:

Then we installed the other sign in the front of the house. We found a good spot on the lawn with a big tree stump over there. Due to double cuts made when they cut the tree down, the taller part could be used as a good side support – two 1/2″ holes drilled into it so that a central post could be anchored to it twice.

Once two more posts are buried and anchored onto the back of the sign, the whole thing becomes firm and solid. See these two photos for the finished sign:

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